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Virtual Business Plan

Welcome to Virtual Business Plan - a unique and free online resource that mirrors the major sections of a business plan and provides insight into the fundamentals of writing an effective business plan for your company.
Each section of the Virtual Business Plan includes:
  • Biz Basics - The business plan fundamentals to consider and incorporate into each section of your plan.  
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid - Highlights the most common mistakes that business plan writers make. Avoid these mistakes to add credibility and power to your business plan.   
  • Section-Specific Tips - Other advice, articles, tips, tools and links related to each section of a business plan.

Use the Virtual Business Plan Menu down below to navigate to the business plan section or topic you are interested in learning more about.

Executive Summary
  • Executive Summary Business Plan Basics
  • Executive Summary Mistakes to Avoid
  • Executive Summary Newsletter
Mission & Vision Statement
  • Mission & Vision Business Plan Basics
  • Mission & Vision Mistakes to Avoid
  • Mission Statement Newsletter
Company Description
  • Company Description Business Plan Basics
  • Company Description Mistakes to Avoid
Product& Service Description
  • Product & Service Description Business Plan Basics
  • Product & Service Description Mistakes to Avoid
Industry Analysis
  • Industry Analysis Business Plan Basics
  • Industry Analysis Mistakes to Avoid
Target Market
  • Target Market Business Plan Basics
  • Target Market Mistakes to Avoid
  • Target Market Newsletter
Marketing & Sales Plan
  • Marketing & Sales Business Plan Basics
  • Marketing & Sales Mistakes to Avoid
Competitive Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis Business Plan Basics
  • Competitive Analysis Mistakes to Avoid
  • Competitive Analysis Newsletter
Management Team
  • Management Team Business Plan Basics
  • Management Team Mistakes to Avoid
  • Management Team Newsletter
Operational Plan
  • Operational Plan Business Plan Basics
  • Operational Plan Mistakes to Avoid
Financial Projections
  • Financial Projections Business Plan Basics
  • Financial Projections Mistakes to Avoid
  • Business Plan Financial Ratios
Exit Strategy
  • Exit Strategy Business Plan Basics
  • Exit Strategy Mistakes to Avoid
  • Exit Strategy Newsletter
Table of Contents
  • Table of Contents Business Plan Basics
  • Table of Contents Mistakes to Avoid
  • Sample Table of Contents Sections
The major sections of your business plan should only contain summarized findings and highlights for your business.
Including every piece of information you have collected in the main sections of your business plan only results in information overload for your reader, and makes it difficult to determine if reading the entire plan is worth the effort.
Instead, include detailed research, sources, and other related information about your business and your business plan in the appendix.
You may want to consider including the following information in the appendix of your business plan:
  • Management resumes
  • Pictures of products, locations, etc.
  • Copies of purchase orders
  • Floor plans
  • Marketing materials
  • Details of the manufacturing process and machinery
  • Market research surveys and results (highlights only!)
  • Any other supporting documents

Be careful not to include every piece of material you have in the appendix section.
Only include those materials that provide significant support or additional clarification for your business plan.

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