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If you feel you are not ready to do complete
Feasibility Study or Business Plan.
Then let us do it for you.

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" International Consultants Group Co-operation (IGCCO)"

   We are a group of professional Engineers who dealt with the management extensively.
We believe that Business Plan Study is the road to the growth and expansion of any businesses by maximizing the chance of encouraging businessmen to have Business Plans conducted for their present and new projects .

  We believe that through this study, we can encourage all businessmen to start using business plan to promote their line of business.
For this reason, we have provided capable engineers and technical people to make everything easy for anyone even with no background of making business plan.
It will be the focal point for you to make business with other companies. 
 Accordingly we expect that our businessmen and companies will go ahead in using our humble efforts.
They will use the most advanced technologies available to reach their goals.

  For the last 6 years we are using dedicated virtual servers and recently we used PowerMTA Software with IPs rotation and Interspire Emails Marketer Script to do emails marketing with our updated verified mailing list with email addresses and names that send html and text messages with unsubscribe link plus bounced emails report and links tracker.
     We have a Spam Words Checker script and all required experience to make messages pass the spam laws.
We can do complete jobs by setting an autoresponder to send scheduled messages.
We will design the messages in html or text languages with unsubscribing link plus bounced emails report with Links Tracker.
We can set up your scheduled autoresponder in days you like or send bulk emails.

Our aim is to give everybody their targets to succeed in business and life.


Research Assistant PhD Degree 1976 UK
Master of Science (MSC.) Degree in Engineering 1975 UK
Bachelor Degree of Science (BSC.) Civil Engineer 1971
Diploma (American Baghdad College) 1967

Eng. Sal. D. Hameed
Business Executive Consultant
1008 Durango - Lansing, MI 48917 - USA



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