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Ten Steps of Projects Management Process

The purpose of the Projects Management Process (PMP) is to provide guidelines for the development of the Project Management Process (PMP) for design and construction projects. It is the responsibility of the Project Manager to create a project specific It is to be reviewed, approved, and singed to:

  • Establish the framework and process for the management and execution of the procurement, design, and construction of projects.

  • Define the Work, Workplan/Budget, Manage the Work plan and Budget, Communication, Scope, Issues, Risk, Documents, Quality, Metrics.

  • Outline the technical performance requirements for the management and control of the project from initiation of concept design through construction, and final delivery to the customer/user.

  • Establish decision rules for the review of inquires and proposals for changes.

The operating procedure described in this ebook shows the steps to be taken in any type of project. It also establish in more details and specific relationships among participating Project Management Process (PMP) in any project. It is intended that this management plan be a living document subject to change as conditions warrant or as project experience dictates.
How many times have you heard about or been involved in a project that failed miserably?
Or perhaps it just was not as successful as it needed to be.
Did you ever spend time looking back to see what caused the project to go wrong?
If you did, chances are that you will have said, "You know, we should have spent more time planning."

This is coming as an E-book with full detail of Managements aspects for any project with all sizes from small to big projects.
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This Plan comes with very useful bonus items.
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Research Assistant PhD Degree 1976 UK
Master of Science (MSC.) Degree in Engineering 1975 UK
Bachelor Degree of Science (BSC.) Civil Engineer 1971 Iraq
Diploma 1967  

 Salman D Hameed
 Management and Claims Evaluations

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