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To join our affiliate program, you must first be a member of ClickBank.
To sign up for a ClickBank Account

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ClickBank will track all affiliate sales for you and email you every time you make a sale!
Then, use the following format to link to us
http://xxxxx.igcco. hop.clickbank.net

Simply replace the xxxxx with the alias you chose when you signed up to ClickBank.

If your ClickBank alias is mesigned, your affiliate link would
look like this:
http://mesigned.igcco. hop.clickbank.net

All you need is just copy and paste the emails content. Make sure to change your affiliate ID inorder to get your link (xxxxx. igcco....). You need to change the xxxxx with your ID.

Email #1

Email #2

Email #3

Email #4

Email #5

Email #6

Here are some banners you may
use to promote Our Products. Feel free to
link to the banners or host them on your own server!

Right click then copy and paste

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